Security Mesh Sliding Door Malaysia

Provide Maximum Intruder Protection

We do not only ensures that your security doors are easy to install but also offers a variety of styles and color options to complement your home's existing decor and architecture.

Fixed Screen

They are made of materials that are strong and typically have a fine mesh that allows for airflow and visibility while keeping out unwanted pests.

Security Casement Window

A solution to help you deter intruders and provide added protection to a building.Security Folding Door

Security Folding Door

A comprehensive solution that includes both pest control and security features for you to feel more secure and protected in your home.

Security Sliding Door

With our top-quality security sliding doors, you can enjoy enhanced protection and improved peace of mind, knowing that your property is well-secured against intruders.

Security Sliding Window

Upgrade your home's security with our durable and stylish security sliding windows, designed to keep intruders out and your family safe.

Security Swing Door

Our security swing doors, which are fitted with a multi-point locking system, offer you unobstructed outdoor views while giving you absolute peace of mind.

Security Top Hung

Smooth opening and closing system with premium quality parts components to ensure greatest user friendliness

28 Aug 2023